Kai Salmon Salad- Lemon cured salmon pan fried and served with a chili and citrus potato salad


This Dish is named after a young man, who is just starting to learn about cooking and I gave him a lesson using this dish.

O.k. the lesson took place in a wood, on an open wood fire, using a battered old cast iron frying pan in the middle of a storm….no i am not kidding you. I just wanted to show him that even basic equipment can make something fantastic.  Also all the ingredients can be sourced from any corner shop worth it’s salt.

This is designed to be a starter but you can change the accompaniments to make a great main course too.



The ingredients are few and simple to prepare.



serves 2




2 small salmon fillets ( not tails) skin removed

1 lemon

2 cloves of garlic

very small pinch of sea-salt

rapeseed oil for frying


6 cooked new potatoes

1/2 red chilli,very thinly sliced with no seeds or pith

small handful of fresh chives

2 table spoons of unsweetened Greek yogurt

1 orange cut into segments, no pith or skins






  1. remove the spinal cord for the top of the salmon fillet.. This is very easy to do, just cut a v into the middle of the fillet and lift the cord out. remove skin as well if needed.


2. Very thinly slice the garlic. It needs to be almost see through.

3. Zest 1/2 of the lemon and juice it all.

4. mix all the ingredients together with the salt and complete cover the salmon. Leave in the marinade for about 8 minutes. The salmon will cure and lose it red-ish colour and become a more milky pink. SEE BELOW20170508-DSCN1539

TIP You can leave the salmon for longer in the marinade, this will cure further and give a stronger richer lemon garlic flavour. BUT this recipe is looking for a more subtle flavour.

Check that the whole of the salmon is cured to the lovely milky colour. 

5. Oil a frying pan and get it very hot. When the oil is hot empty out most of it so the pan is coated and add the salmon top side down. There should be a big sizzle, if not the pan is not hot enough.

6. Cook the salmon, top down, for  no more than 2 minutes until the top is slighted charred,  then flip over and cook again, for less than two minutes, until coloured.

The salmon should look like this with a slightly rare side


7.  remove for the heat and let it rest in the pan for 4 minutes. The heat will finish the cooking the outside but leave it rare inside


  1. combine all the ingredients well and salt to taste ( NO PEPPER)
  2. serve with the salad
  3.  enjoy this simple fast summer dish



As long as the potatoes are cooked the whole thing takes less than 20 minutes with 1/2 of this time waiting for it to cure, allowing you time for a glass of wine







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