What have I started

This is going to be interesting.

Recently I have posted some pictures of my food on Facebook, and I have had people ask me about them.  So this blog is intended to  be a hotpot of meals and accompaniments, as I make them.  There will be some I re-make just so I can show off a little. Some will be totally me, others will be unmercifully stolen, and then tweaked.

I am hoping this blog will also serve as a little diary of great meals with friends and family

I buy a lot of my food from the Taunton Farmers Market and the local fishmongers, butchers and green grocers, but because I am a food snob but because the different cuts and types of food leads me to cook in different ways.

If I suggest certain ingredients, don’t worry the food will still taste great using bog standard supermarket stuff ( just not quite so good)

lastly I don’t have all the latest kitchen gadgets..O.K I have some…. but pretty much all my cooking can be done in a student kitchen if needed.

I am both excited and a little naked doing this but let the adventure begin


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