beer and beef cheeks.

last week I bought a few beef cheeks from Forest Beef at Taunton’s Farmers Market. Not a cut I have ever used before but as I got them for a quid and 50p each I didn’t say no!

Beef cheek is a very lean and tough cut so really has to be slow cooked down, so it makes it a really easy dish to prepare and cook and serve! total prep time was about 5 minutes and then a good 4 1/2 cook, and about 6 minutes to finish it off. Unfortunately it takes a while to marinate and cook so its best to either; prepare it and freeze it, or cook it a few days in advance.

serve it with what ever you want but I like fresh new potatoes smashed up in the gravy, but that’s me.


2 Beef Cheeks, BT of Exmoor Gold beer, 1 small carrot, 1 small onion, 1 bay leaf, 8 pepper corns, shake of good smoked paprika, grind of chili flakes, 4 garlic cloves.


take all the ingredients and rough cut, smash or throw them in a bowl and cover the beef cheeks. Find another beer and drink it. leave to marinate for as long as you like 6-24 hours or more……..

FIRST PICTURE this is what it will look like. 


next day….

Put it in an oven proof pot and stick in the oven at gas mark 3 1/2 …… I have no idea what this is in electric, look it up! The cook should be about 4 1/2 hours, but check after 3 1/2.

After it is cooked take the meat and veg out and keep warm. sieve the sauce and reduce by 2/3 and then thicken with arrowroot( you can use cornflour but that will change the colour of the sauce.

SECOND PICTURE- this is what it might look like!

IMAG0008 IMAG0009

on a complete side note the pot is from a local potter and is hand thrown, the knife was my father in-law’s. it was blunt. SO very blunt. I took it to my blacksmith friend, Dave Budd, who used about 10 different wet  stones on it. It is now classed as a lethal weapon.

There is no back story to this dish, as it was simply a trying out recipe. I hope when i write more to include more stories that go with the food.

be safe and eat well


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